Mental Maths Championship 2015


Whenever I am blessed to teach the intermediate phase (Grade 4 – 6), there are lots of opportunities to learn maths whilst having fun. In our classroom we have mental maths challenges at least 4 times a week. A booklet is made for each learner where they have to answer the exercise as fast as they can, but they are reminded that accuracy trumps speed. Each day, the top 3 learners are selected and put in a list, where at the end of the year, a champion will be crowned.


Here is a breakdown of the rules and procedure:
1) Learners must have their booklet ready on their table.
2) I walk in, greet them and call out the exercise to be completed. Learners in grade 4 have 10 questions to complete whilst learners in grade 5 have 15 questions to complete.
3) As the learners complete their exercise as fast as they can, a number is given to them, which they write on their booklet.
4) Once all the learners have completed the exercise, or the 7 minutes are over, they swap their booklets and are ready to mark.
5) We go through the answers, marking along the way and finally the top 3 with the highest marks are entered in the list according to the position they received.


Our past champions of 2013 were:
• Grade 4 – Zahra Dada
• Grade 5 – Amina Bibi Suliman
• Grade 6 – Aman Essa


This mental maths challenge is in accordance with the CAPS documents and curriculum where learners must take 10 minutes of every 60 minutes to do mental mathematics.
This format of the challenge is a way to encourage learners to take mental calculations seriously and also to train them for the Department of Education’s Annual Mathematics Olympiad where learners compete in different levels with schools around Gauteng.
In 2013 our Grade 4 learner M. Ebrahim Suliman made it all the way to District level. Inshallah I wish all the learners Good Luck for the future and pray we make it to Provincial level this year.


Keep on Practising!!! Here are links to help you practice:
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